6 reasons women should own their own business

  1. No pay gap due to gender.  Whether you own a data center, a scuba diving school or a retail store… as the owner, you and you alone decide how much you get paid.  Some may argue that some patrons won’t want to work with a landscape company or medical transport company that is owned by a woman, but how and why would they even know?
  2. There is no glass ceiling. You can go as high, as wide, as diverse as you want.
  3. You have self directed maternity leave.   When your kids have a baseball game or doctors appt, you and you alone decide if you are going to take the time to attend.
  4. If there is sexual harassment, you can fire them
  5. You get to create the culture that you want and run the company the way you want.
  6. You are a good role model for other women and girls.
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