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1 Quote:
“The function of software is to make the complex appear to be simple.” – Grady Booch

1 Thought:

Over the past few months I have found myself giving a lot of recommendations on specific software, apps and websites, so I thought I would share them with you all here.

Streamyard: Stream live to all of your social media platforms.  Use by yourself or while interviewing or speaking with others.  Your streams can be recorded and played over and over.

Doodly: Animated video creator where all you have to do is drag and drop (no animating skills required).  Create engaging videos with visuals, audio and music on whiteboard, chalkboard or glassboard. Simple to use and makes you look professional. I have used meetup for years, especially when I moved to a new city and wanted to meet other entrepreneurs or people with similar interests (if you are looking for people who drive a jeep and have a 3 legged dog, there’s probably a meetup for that).  During Covid almost all meetups have gone virtual, but they still offer a great way to meet people.

Otter.AI: This software records conversations (or just you speaking) and transcribes it to text.  If you’re like me and don’t want to sit at your computer typing for hours is the perfect answer.   No need to transcribe that whole zoom call or interview, does it automatically.  Wanna write a book, just start talking and types it out for you.

Sociatap: create a microsite in minutes.  In a time when it’s hard to keep someone’s attention, a microsite like Sociatap or Linktree is the best way for folks to find what they need from you.  Here’s mine If you have a lot of people that want to “buy you coffee and pick your brain” this is a great option.  Create a profile describing what you know and can help with and then create offers for around that for people to choose from.  An offer might be, “1 hour call – $50”  or “3 hour lunch and learn – $300” or whatever you want to make it. 

1 Question:

What software, apps or programs do you recommend?

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