Kasten Spethmann – The Sophisticated Rebel

– Living an unapologetic, non-conforming, happy life –

About Me

Do you ever think to yourself, “I wish I didn’t care what other people thought so much”

or… “I really want to live life by my own rules”?

Kasten Spethmann – The Sophisticated Rebel, has spent her life questioning the status quo, defying trends and rebelling against cultural norms to live her life exactly the way she wanted to.  She often jokes that she is allergic to rules and that there is no meds to fix it.

Now she wants to help YOU.  She will take you through the sometimes painful process, kindly but firmly prod you into action, and keep you laughing all the way. She will get you to YES. She will walk with you along your path and mentor you on how to avoid giving a rat’s eyelash when obstacles jump out and knock you off course.

Kasten is a seasoned entrepreneur with a history of great success, and humiliating defeat. When she is working for your business as a consultant, coach or spiritual savant, she is a one-stop shop for insights ranging from raising capital and developing strategic partnerships to creative selling and product development.  Perhaps her most important skill, however, is that she understands and knows how to tackle the emotional beast that is the product of any entrepreneurial journey. She’s there with the ear when you need to rant, celebrate, cry and want to give up.

No one said this ride was easy.

Kasten has had more than her share of crappy rides. She believes life’s catastrophes can be devastating, debilitating, AND they can give you the most unique perspective.  In 2004 she was in a car accident that changed her life forever… This experience is part of her, it’s her motivation: her ejection seat out of stagnation, and she uses it to help you get off your ass and build your vision—you don’t need to do it alone.

The original Sophisticated Rebel spent several years traveling the world while windsurfing for a living in her early 20’s.  She loves the thrill of adrenaline sports and checking out as many corners of the world as possible.  If you take one of her live workshops or retreats don’t be surprised if class is held on a beach somewhere.  

Her insatiable curiosity keepers her learning and wanting to help others find THEIR happy life.

When Kasten isn’t busy helping others become sophisticated rebels you can find her spending time with her husband Mike and their beloved dogs or cooking experimental meals for her trusting friends.

Random fun facts about Kasten: