Life Balance?

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“Life Balance” – such a cliché’ term and yet something most of us struggle to achieve.
I’m no different, I have however found a system that works for me. The key for me was to break it down so it didn’t seem so daunting and unattainable. I started by figuring out what was most important to me and then worked on making sure part of each day included at least a little of each element.
For me those are:
– Physical activity (running, surfing, hiking, swimming, stretching, weight lifting, etc…)
– Using my brain (this is usually work)
– Educating myself/learning (usually listening to podcasts or reading)
– Reflection (journaling, walking my dog, conversations with friends)
I don’t worry about all the parts getting equal time, nor do I worry about “what” the activity is that fulfills each element. I go with what my gut tells me or what I am drawn to do more of on any particular day. Of course not every day is perfect, sometimes I miss an element or two but I have noticed that if I go too long without incorporating a certain element, I start to feel restless, scattered, uneasy and off “balance”.
When I made it bite sized and focused on one day at a time I began to feel an overall sense of balance in my whole life. And don’t worry, there is still plenty of time for socializing, netflix, cooking, etc… 😉
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