Maximize the yield of your time… 12/17/20

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1 Quote:

“The bad news is time flies.  The good news is you’re the pilot”

~ Michael Altshuler

1 Thought:

Have you ever heard the concept of 3-fer’s?  I hadn’t until recently and it is so cool I just had to share it with you all.
I think we can all agree that the ultimate currency in life is time so the question becomes – how does one get more yield out of the finite time we have here on earth?

The concept of a 3-fer works like this… if we measure what we get out of a chunk of time by how much value we got from it then the goal is to maximize the yield out of your time.  Here are some examples of how you’d do that.

If you are having a picnic with your family at the beach you would get 1 value for being with loved ones, 1 value for being at the beach and 1 value for the great food you eat… that would be a 3-fer (I would actually count this as a 6-fer as I would add the value of my dog having fun in the sand, the value of the smell of the ocean air and the value of hearing the wave roll onto the beach, etc.).  

A work example might be: 1 value = doing something fulfilling, 1 value = time with co-workers and 1 value = money earned. (a 3-fer)

An example for kids might be a Birthday party:  1 value = time with friends and family, 1 value = food & cake, 1 value = having fun playing games and 1 value = presents… a 4-fer.

The key is try to choose experiences that are at least a 3-fer.  If they’re not, maybe add something of value or choose not to spend your time on it.

1 Question:

What’s the biggest value experience you can come up with?

(I would love to hear your answers if you want to leave them in the comments!!)

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