Millionaire to Billionaire because of 1 key decision

Setting your ego aside could help you become a billionaire. 20 years ago a business man I know told a story that really stuck with me. He had built his company from the ground up, struggling and scraping along the way. After many years his company had stretched across the United States and was worth several hundred million dollars. Clearly he was a good leader and businessman so you can imagine the bewilderment when he stepped down as CEO and replaced himself. When asked why he answered, “I was good at growing a company in the US, but I had no idea how to take a company global. The man I brought in had successfully built international companies and did the same with mine. I could have cashed out and walked away with several hundred million dollars, but because I was able to set my ego aside I became a multi-billionaire, rather than a multi-millionaire.”

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