Two incidents that really helped rebuild my confidence.

There were two distinct incidents that really helped me pull my head out of my backside and gave my confidence a jumpstart.  The first was a conversation I had with my friend Travis Rhoten.  I was sharing with him how I was struggling with the failure of my business when he told me about a box he had that was full of pieces of paper, each one with a different business idea that he had had.  He pointed out that the difference was that he put his ideas in a box and never did anything with them, while I actually took an idea to fruition, invented a product, had it made and took it to market.  He said most people never do more than write ideas on a piece of paper and stick them away.   It was a turning point in how I viewed my situation and helped me tremendously!

The second incident happened recently when I had emailed a bunch of friends and colleagues to let them know that I had started this group and why.  It was the first time I had admitted to many of these folks that the lipstick applicator company had failed (being able to tell people that was a big step in itself).  One of my friends responded with an incredible email that reminded me once again, that most people don’t even have the guts to try something new.

Here is a portion of his email: “You talk about all the struggles you had with the failure, but keep in mind the majority of folks never even give it a shot.  Most should be more embarrassed that they sit around a coffee pot bitching about work every day and talk about “living the dream” but never actually have the balls to go for it.   For what it’s worth, you should be proud and will always have my respect for trying to make the dream happen.  Sure you know many very successful people have failed many times before they actually made it.  Don’t let this failure define you. “

Perspective is EVERYTHING.  If you are thinking about taking on an entrepreneurial adventure, DO IT!

There is a great community of folks like the ones in this group that will help you along the way… and if it doesn’t work out, at least you TRIED.

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