Weekly 3 Newsletter – 10/15/20

1 quote, 1 thought, 1 question

A little inspiration, a little education, a little thought provoking.

1 Quote:
“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
~ Anne Frank

1 Thought:

Earlier this week I was on a zoom networking event meeting some new business folks.  The host had everyone talk about how their business was affected due to Covid and how the other folks on the zoom could potentially help them.  One man’s response was so cool that I decided to share it with all of you.  He is an environmental engineer with the local gas company and has a photography business on the side.  He told us that because he had a day job that was secure and paid the bills that he decided NOT to promote/advertise for his photography business.  He knew there were plenty of full time photographers that were really going to struggle due to Covid and he didn’t want to take any business away from them.
What an amazing citizen… while so many folks were thinking about themselves (with good reason), this man was thinking about his community, his colleagues, his competition!  It was so inspiring!  It gave me hope that there are still unselfish people that are thinking about the greater good in the world.  In the end he told us he didn’t need anything from the folks on the zoom call, but I think that he needs to know what a big deal his act was.  So if you want to follow him, maybe tell him you heard he was an exceptional human or hire him for some photography work, you can find him on instagram at

1 Question:

What is something you can do or have done that helped the greater good?
(ps – if you’d like to share your answer with me just comment on this post – I love to read them).

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