Weekly 3 Newsletter 7/30/20

1 Quote, 1 Thought, 1 Question
A little inspiration, a little education, a little thought provoking

1 Quote:
“The more you experience life, the more you have to offer others.”  ~ Sara Blakely Founder of Spanx

1 Thought:
We all know that change is inevitable, yet most people fear or at least feel uncomfortable with it.  Could we train ourselves to be better at handling change?  I believe we can.  If we regularly created change in our lives (or as I like to call them “pattern interrupts”), I believe we’d get better at dealing with unexpected changes that are thrown at us.   
It can be something small like driving a new route or trying a new recipe, or it can be bigger like learning a new sport or traveling to a place you’ve never been before.  Pay attention to how you feel while doing something different/new and if you notice that you get better at handling change.  If nothing else, having to do things differently creates new synapses in your prefrontal cortex and science has already proven that keeps your brain healthy.  Give it a try and let me know what you think.

1 Question
When was the last time you felt euphoric and what were you doing?

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