Weekly 3 Newsletter 8/6/20

1 Quote, 1 Thought, 1 Question
A little inspiration, a little education, a little thought provoking

1 Quote:
“To be authentic is to be at peace with your imperfections.”  ~ Simon Sinek Speaker, Author, Thought Leader.

1 Thought:
“What will people say”
This sentence can ruin your life.  If you base your decisions on what others might think or say it will be unlikely that you will ever find true happiness.  My own mother said it to me when I decided tomajor in Psychology in College.  She was more worried that people would say I was studying something useless than she was about what was interesting and the right path for me. 
Fortunately I didn’t listen and I didn’t care what people would say!
If I had cared what others would say I would have never traveled the world windsurfing.  I would have married the wrong person, I would have taken jobs I would have hated and I would have lived in places I didn’t want to be.  I can truly say that I make my decisions on what makes me happy, what challenges me to grow and what fills my heart… no one else.

1 Question:
Who are 4 people in your life whose opinions (of you and what you do), matter to you… I mean REALLY matter?

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