Weekly 3 Newsletter 9/3/20

1 Quote, 1 Thought, 1 Question
A little inspiration, a little education, a little thought provoking

1 Quote:

“Labels are for filing.  Labels are for clothing. Labels are not for people.”
~ Martina Navratilova – Tennis Champion

1 Thought:

Labels have always bothered me… especially when they’re put on children.  When we use labels like “ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder” or “ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” we are setting kids up to believe they are broken, lacking or disadvantaged.  This leads to shame and low self-confidence. 
If we’re going to label kids why can’t we come up with a positive way to explain them, like “MFA – Multi Functional Ability” (or the adult version “Mother F*cking Able”)? 
If people said a child has MFA, everyone would still understand that the child has a short attention span, however, instead of the the child giving up because they think they have a “disability”, they would believe they have a special “ability”
This may also change the way others see and treat them.  Perhaps they would be encouraged to use their short attention span to get a lot of things done or have a better understanding of what type of career would be best for them. 
Words are powerful, let’s be more careful in how we use them.

1 Question:
What is a label that you use or hear that you would change and what would you change it to?
(ps – if you’d ever like to share your answers with me I’d love to hear them, just hit reply and shoot me an email)

Have a great week… see you next Thursday!

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