What if…

What if… (my prediction, my hope for life after the pandemic of 2020)

Now that the chaos and adjustment to working from home/remotely has settled down and people have figured out their new routines and software programs, what if people actually kept working this way after social distancing and shelter in place were no longer required?

  • Employers have now seen that employees still get their work done even though they are not in the over with a watchful eye on them.
  • Employers have recognized that they can save a lot of money on overhead by not leasing office space.
  • Employees are able to sleep an extra hour or now have time to exercise before or after work.
  • Likewise they now have time to make breakfast and/or dinner and actually eat together as a family.
  • Everyone’s stress has been reduced dramatically from not driving in rush hour traffic.
  • There would be fewer cars on the road, which would mean:
    • Less pollution
    • Less demand for oil
    • Less wear and tear on the roads
    • Cars would last longer 
    • Some families could get by with one car
    • Fewer car accidents

And what about all those existing office buildings?  Well, what if they were converted to affordable housing… an issue plaguing the entire country (and globe).

What if we didn’t go back to “the way it was”… what if we created a new way?

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